AZULIK MAGIK* limited collection

sustainable & ethical apparel

From the heart of Tulum, we handcraft each garment to-order with Azulik Eco Hotel

2-3 week wait on all orders, secure your place in line

Feel gorgeous, luxurious, and exceptional all while wearing the little secret that you are doing something good for the planet by reforesting climate impacted lands. Our collection at the world famous Azulik Eco Hotel is an expression of our cosmic connection to sacred Mother Earth. Every piece is made with the highest mindfulness, using eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices. Each design is hand-drawn by artist Courtney Barriger. Her intricate illustrations capture the magic of the natural world, bringing to life the vibrant energy and enchanting spirit of Tulum.

Sustainable You

Made-to-Order = Low Impact

Made for YOU. So nothing ends up in the landfill.

Water Based Inks

No toxic dyes to be found here!

Cruelty Free Peace Silk

Ahimsa silk assures a full life for the creatures to spin this luxurious silk.

Recycled Materials

Taken from the ocean and made into your swimsuit. How is that for a clean up.


a SPACE where 
DESIGN takes on a 

Nested in AZULIK Tulum, this store challenges logic with its ephemeral architecture. In a multi-sensorial experience, it invites you to interact with space and the unique pieces it contains.

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