Holding Court's silk kimonos and robes are symbols of enchantment

Designed to be worn during intimate home rituals. When you step outside, they transform into the perfect eye-catching cover-ups that glisten in the sun.

Embrace your mystery, knowing that our silk is not only luxurious but also certified sustainable by Oeko-Tex. Each purchase you make contributes to the of reforesting endangered forests, a beautiful gesture that connects you to the very heart of nature. The artwork is meticulously hand-drawn by the award-winning artist Courtney Barriger. Her intricate illustrations add an extra layer of magic and mystique, bringing to life the vibrant energy of Tulum and the natural world.

Sustainable You

Made-to-Order = Low Impact

Made for YOU. So nothing ends up in the landfill.

Water Based Inks

No toxic dyes to be found here!

Cruelty Free Peace Silk

Ahimsa silk assures a full life for the creatures to spin this luxurious silk.

Recycled Materials

Taken from the ocean and made into your swimsuit. How is that for a clean up.

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The original Royal Robe is inspired by a children's book

By Author and artist Courtney Barriger

The Royal Robe is the tale of one girl's journey to find a garment fit for a queen. Holding Court silk robes are just that.

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Learn More about our Eco Ethical Practices

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