A woman of the world, Courtney Barriger an award winning multifaceted artist, and a dedicated sustainability advocate, born from necessity after years of experiencing the fast fashion industry as an international model.  She looked around her and realized there was a better way to make beautiful clothes and self care goods that respects people and the planet.  For more than a decade she’s been working in sustainability as a lecturer, an artist, a fashion designer and a writer.  Her work has a mystical edge, and pushes the boundaries between nature, beauty and responsibility, provoking conversation about the socio-political state of the planet.  She has a rich connection with the natural world, growing up on the beaches in Florida.  And after years of working in the fashion industry, it has become her calling to use her gifts to protect the environment by creating art that speaks to its preservation. 

In 2018 she launched her eco-ethical brand Holding Court, which is dedicated to sustainability in fashion and is consistently provoking conversation through art, film, and her writing. When not on set or word-smithing, you can find her hiking through California’s wilderness or conspiring a new creative project. Her zest for life and inherent curiosity have instilled in her a lust for wanting more and leaving no stone unturned.

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