Coming Closer to Mother Earth with Psychedelic Therapist Dr Anne Metz

Coming Closer to Mother Earth with Psychedelic Therapist Dr Anne Metz

Environmental Style Now Podcast: Episode 25



Dr Anne Metz’s work focuses on utilizing the transformative power of psychedelics and non-ordinary states of consciousness for psychological and personal growth. Although she has a KAP practice, she is particularly interested in helping people make the transition from recreational to intentional use of psychedelics. Let’s find out how alternative medicines can bring you closer in relationship to the planet.

About Anne Metz

Like most psychedelic therapists, my interest in the topic was as much professional as it was personal. Professionally, I had just finished up a 6-month apprenticeship with an underground guide that I referred to as “trauma training” to anyone who asked.

Personally, psychedelics had been key to addressing my own depression leading up to the end of a six-year relationship. In the prelude to the end, we had muddled through a painful year of unsuccessful couples counseling. The unsuccessful part was not surprising in retrospect; we were focused on my depression as the identified problem in our relationship instead of his hidden heroin addiction.

When the truth came out, of course, it was devastating and humiliating. How did I not know? Desperate, I took a psilocybin capsule when I was visiting the Oregon Coast that I got from a guy with a surfboard and a mustache. In the middle of the night, long after the psychoactive effects had worn off, a voice rang in my ear: You can change your life.

You don’t have to wait for life to choose you. You can choose it. It took a few months to execute these instructions, but that is exactly what I did. Aided by consistent work with a great therapist, I found myself free and living an entirely new life in New Mexico. I had always wanted to live in the West.


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