We are Stardust.  The deepest mystery of where we come from can be found in the stars.  We ask you to look within and grab ahold of the consciousness we need to radically change the way we consume our planet, by seeing yourself as one with it.  All a part of the cosmic connection.  

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At Holding Court we practice the Three Fold Path of Sustainability - To Give / To Take / To Tell Stories Sustainably.  At the center is you, and how you choose to hold court.  We found that in practicing all three, you can’t help but slow down, stop buying things because you are told you need it, and become a more mindful steward of the Earth. 

To Give Sustainably is to consciously contribute to the world, to claim responsibility for what you manifest, and to do it in a way that honors your virtues and your environment.  We see it in your personal influence, in the gifts you share, even the waste you leave behind.  Our gift to you is our eco fashion education nucleus Environmental Style Now. E.S.Now Podcast, Blog and online class are offered to you for free!

To Take Sustainably asks you to examine what you buy, and ask yourself if you can find alternatives that will be less harmful to the planet. We take sustainability by offering products that are tried and true, that have the smallest impact on the environment.  

To Tell Sustainable Stories is to hold court on the eco movement in your personal sphere.  Environmental stewardship deserves to be a part of our culture, and there is only one way to make that happen.  Our Lore division is devoted to reshaping the narrative of the consumer mentality, to bring it back to the heart with uplifting literature and films that tell the story of fast fashion through the lens of entertainment.  

How are you holding court with the revolution?  

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At Holding Court we draw from cosmic connections and Summer of Love vibes to present an apparel and ritual goods line that encourages self love and connection with Mother Earth. We are a brand built on a philosophy of clean fashion, transparency and integrity. From seed to skin, we’ve worked to minimize the impact on our planet by only using organic, non-toxic, recycled materials while making everything made-to-order to ensure ethical and sustainable practices are emphasized throughout our entire product line.

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Story is how we shape the world. At Holding Court, creator Courtney Barriger is on the forefront of the eco fashion movement with powerful storytelling in film, art and literature, putting the cause under a prism to give it the spectrum it needs to come to life. Follow our projects here.

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